Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fourteen in 2014: Looking Back

I still cannot believe that it is truly the end of 2014. Time is slipping by too quickly. With that being said, I decided to launch my new blog a tad bit early with this year in review and look back with 3 pretty amazing bloggers. Here is a look back at 2014.

This year, I have been focusing on being kind. The students in my classroom this year have struggled with being kind, and often default to being mean and harsh with both their words and actions. This has pushed me to lead by example and always put my kindest self forward. This quote is something that is posted in my classroom and the first thing I see when I open my door. It reminds me that it is always possible to be kind.

I love this striped skirt. Those who don't know me (or don't follow me on IG), in August 2013 I embarked on an important journey. I joined Weight Watchers and began working towards a healthier version of myself. Over the course of this journey, I lost over 50 lbs. and found the confident and self-loving person that I used to be. Prior to joining Weight Watchers I would have never been found in a form-fitting pencil skirt (like this one) but I always loved them. I definitely would not have been found in horizontal stripes (especially directly over my hips). Now I enjoy slipping this skirt on, and it always makes me smile. 

Left: July 2013

Right: July 2014

I love comic book movies. They bring back such great memories and often connect generations. While I still think that this movie is one of my favorite I've seen in 2014, the memory of who I saw it with makes it that much better. Going to the movie theater is a rare treat (and has been since I was a kid). My mom was out of town, and I wanted to make sure that my dad was not lonely. My husband and I invited him out and we had a blast seeing this together. I loved being sandwiched between my two favorite guys. This movie was a hilarious, and it was even more hilarious being between two of my favorite people!

I normally don't watch TV live, but I definitely catch up on current TV shows via Hulu on a fairly regular basis. I love the new series #Selfie mainly because I adore Karen Gillan. I loved her in Dr. Who (as Amy Pond) and have loved everything since. This show is a great commentary on our digital society. It reminds me to unplug when possible. I love it. Parenthood is a great family drama. I cannot believe that it is in its final season. I will forever love the Braverman family. It makes me long for a huge, close-knit family and siblings. I am sure there will be tears when the season ends. The geek inside me would not be complete without the Big Bang Theory. This show has evolved into an amazing piece over the years. 

I live in a small town (Sonora, CA), so most of our wonderful eateries are family-owned. This eatery started in a 25-seat diner and now has evolved into a much larger and very popular spot. They make the most amazing garlic fries (with raw garlic) and use local produce and beef and make all their breads. It is truly a local eatery. They also hold local wine events and have a great selection of creative and unique dishes. If you're ever in town, you need to try one of their burgers with a side of garlic fries! They are to die for. 

These rice snacks are AMAZING. I'm always trying to find something that is tasty, satisfying and healthy, and these are it! They were recommended by a friend, and I adore them. They are crunchy, quick to eat, and just sweet enough to fulfill my sweet tooth. 

The best gift I've received this year is not a physical item. It is the relationships that have been formed and the people that I have met this year. I have been able to make connections with other teachers, made new friends and been able to be inspired by so many amazing people. I am continually impressed on how many kind and wonderful people there are in the world. I really hope that I can continue to get to know as many bloggers, IGers and teacher superheroes out there as possible. I find so much inspiration from all of the great people out there and I am blessed and thankful.

Pinterest was my inspiration this summer when I was designing my classroom. When I got my keys to my classroom I was overwhelmed and with Pinterest I was able to keep different ideas and sources of inspiration organized. While it is hard to pick one pin, one of my favorites is one that I recreated in my classroom. This has kept my pencils organized and helped me slowly win the pencil war with my 6th graders!

Since I am new to blogging, I am going to have to say this one. However, I am very proud of my classroom web page that I have designed this year (My classroom web page: )

This year has been full of exciting events. I graduated from my teaching program, landed my first teaching job, started a 3-year STEM training program and enrolled in a Masters of Education program. I cannot believe that this has all happened in a year, but I have to remind myself to be proud of these accomplishments.

I couldn't pick just one photo, so I picked a few.

My first pictures as a classroom teacher:

A few of my favorites of my husband and me:

A few family favorites:

A few of my girls:

This year has been a whirlwind of excitement! My favorite memory this year was getting my classroom keys and seeing my very first classroom for the first time. 

I have quite a few goals for myself this upcoming year. Here they are:

  1. Blog on a regular basis. I know that I won't be able to commit myself to a regular schedule yet, but I'm determined to join the blogging world.
  2. Launch my TPT store. I have been creating so many different resources that I use in my classroom, but I need to start putting them out there. I'm nervous that they won't sell or will get negative feedback and this has been holding me back.
  3. Enjoy my students and the process of being a first-year teacher.
  4. Make connections with other like-minded teachers and foster these relationships.
  5. Keep working hard on my masters and the STEM Tracks program.
  6. Have more fun with my husband, family, and friends.
  7. Keep working to become a healthier version of myself.


Sunday, December 7, 2014


I've taken my blogs offline and will be back January 1st. I am working to revamp my blog and want to start fresh. Have a happy holiday season and I hope to see you back in 2015!