Sunday, March 1, 2015

February SLANTBox Exchange: I Love Education

As a new teacher, I find that I can feel isolated in my own classroom. One thing that forces me to think beyond my classroom and get connected with people outside my school site is the SLANTBox Exchange hosted by Jameson from Lessons with Coffee. If you haven't signed up for one of these exchanges before, you are paired with a teacher (sometimes two) for the monthly exchange. You spend the month emailing and getting to know your partner. Near the end of the month, you send a fun-filled box that is personalized just for your partner. Each month has a cute theme, and one of the items has to be handmade.

February's theme was: I Love Education

This month I was paired with Jessica from Simply Preschool. Jessica is a hard-working, loving, preschool teacher in St. Louis, Missouri. I was inspired by her passion and ability to work with such little people on a daily basis. I know that my middle school students exhaust me to no end, and I cannot even imagine working with the tiniest of learners! Throughout the month of getting to know her, I could feel the love for teaching oozing out of her words, and I know that this passion is felt in everything she does. We bonded over our love for all things organization, our connection with Monica Geller (from Friends), and the excitement over colored pens. We also both have a strong desire to travel the world. I'm slightly envious that she will be traveling to Spain soon. I hope you have lots of fun, Jessica!

One of the best things about the end of each month is that I get to come home to a box. I love being able to see how each educator's creativity comes out with the decoration of the box. When my box from Jessica arrived, I was exhausted, but the bright colors instantly lifted my spirits. 

When I opened my box, I saw some of my favorite things (dark chocolate & colorful pens) and I quickly realized why my two puppies were circling around me. Jessica included a few treats for my girls! There are a few things that I'm not sure how I'll use, but I'm sure I'll find a use for them! I am most curious to try the lemon & pepper dark chocolate. It sounds like a strange combination, but I'm sure that it is delicious! 

For all of you that are interested in signing up for the next SLANTBox exchange, Jameson has just opened up March sign-ups (they end on Friday the 6th). I would highly recommend it!


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for such a fun and honest review of SLANT. It just goes to show that you DO NOT need to connect with people only at yur grade level!

    Lessons With Coffee 

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