Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 TPT Conference in Las Vegas!

For the past two years, I have been debating about setting up a Teachers Pay Teachers store. Like most teachers, I spend countless hours designing materials for my students. While I feel confident in using my product in my own classroom, I still find myself intimidated by most of the popular sellers on TPT. As a move forward in my teaching career, I know that connecting with teachers and sharing my ideas beyond my own school site and district would be a valuable opportunity, and this year I have dedicated myself to launching my own store. While I have yet to upload any of my resources to my site, I have several ready to launch. After talking with a few successful sellers, I finally decided that attending the TPT conference would help me gain confidence, connect with other sellers, and learn some tips and tricks that would help me make the plunge into selling. So, after discussion with my husband, we decided that we would take the drive from California to Las Vegas and incorporate the conference into our summer vacation (What a great guy, eh?!).

With that being said, I have so many TPT sellers that I have connected with through Instagram that I want to meet with, but I am losing track of who is attending the conference. I decided that a Google Form was in order (Side Note: I am obsessed with Google Forms. If you're interested in a blog post on how I use Google Forms in the classroom, let me know).

If you're attending any of the conferences in Las Vegas this summer, feel free to fill out the contact form. I'll be sending out a copy of the contact list at the beginning of May (and perhaps again in late June) for all those interested.

Teachers Pay Teachers Contact Form

I hope to meet you there! And as always, happy learning!

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